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Rec Plus

What is Rec Plus

Rec Plus is an additional training opportunity for our U12 and Above Rec players (and coaches) to provide access to professional training without the full cost/time commitments associated with Comp soccer. Teams will now have the opportunity to sign-up for professional team training sessions run by our Director of Coaching Joe Champion and the club trainers.

Program Details

  • Each team signs-up for 6 Team Training Sessions 

    • 2 sessions in August, 2 in September, 2 in October

    • This session could either replace a team practice for that week, or become 'supplemental training' in addition to regular team practice.

  • Friday evening practices, every other week of the season.

    • Time-slots are 4:30-5:45 PM or 5:45-7:00 PM  

  • Full/majority team participation required (minimum of 10 players).

  • Fee range: $75-$90 per player 

    • Fee is based on the number of players participating (more players = lower fee)

Why Sign Up

  • One session per week led by a club Trainer

  • Experience a slightly more structured practice environment

  • Utilize an alternative coaching perspective and different ‘voice’

  • Opportunity for Rec coaches to observe and learn ideas from the trainers

How Do I Sign Up

  • Head Coaches share program details with team and gauge interest

  • Once commitment is confirmed (minimum of 10 players), Head Coach emails Director of Coaching Joe Champion to reserve a spot

  • Final details are confirmed (timeline, schedule, fee)