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Recreational Program Coaches

Coaching Overview

The EDHSC Recreational Program relies on parent volunteer coaches who seek to create an enjoyable learning experience for soccer players of all skill levels.  We expect our coaches to interact positively with all players and promote an environment that is fun-filled and brings out the joy of playing soccer.

EDHSC provides coaching resources and guidance so that anyone with great interpersonal skills can volunteer to coach a soccer team regardless of soccer experience or knowledge.  Coaches are encouraged to introduce age/ability appropriate activities in practice, promote a connection amongst teammates, and provide a fun and safe environment for our players.  Below is a summary of the requirements, expectations, and benefits of being an EDHSC volunteer coach. 


Coaches Checklist:
Coaches must register to Coach.  Click here to register
Coaches requirements can be started right after registration. GotSport dashboard will update to the current 23/24 check list on July 31st.
Checklist (Returning Coaches 1-2, 4-6)

1.  REGISTER as a volunteer coach in Got Sport. Required annually.

2.  READ, E-SIGN & IMPLEMENT the EDHSC Coach Code of Conduct at the time of online registration.  Required annually.

3.  COMPLETE the newly updated LiveScan through Capital Live Scan.  Required once, but new process for 2022 which is outlined here.  Make sure to select our soccer club when directed to select a “district/league/club” drop down value. It should display: "60507 - ROLLING EL D - DISTRICT 6 - 05-07 ROLLING HILLS/EL DORADO HILLS SC".  If you have been live scanned in previous seasons for EDHSC, you do not need to get another one.  You will need to complete this even if you have had a livescan for another sport or company.

4. COMPLETE the Background Check.  This is a two step process.  First step is submitting in registration in GotSport, which will transition the requirement to "pending".  The coach receives an email with a link to complete the background check.  The invitation to do that expires after 15 days.  

Items 5, 6 & 7 are done in your U.S. Soccer Account. Link for Site.  

5. COMPLETE the U.S. Soccer Introduction to Safe & Healthy Playing Environments online course (Concussion Training).  Required annually. Located under Courses, Available Courses, Supplemental Courses on US Soccer Learning Site.

6.  COMPLETE the U.S. Center for SafeSport Core Training online course.  Required once, however a shorter Refresher course is required annually and available through GotSport Dashboard.  Located under Courses, Available Courses, Supplemental Courses on US Soccer Learning Site.  You must upload the completion certificate into GotSport or a screenshot of the completed date from U.S. Soccer.

7.  COMPLETE the U.S. Soccer Introduction to Grassroots Coaching online course.  Required once.  Located under Courses, Available Courses, License Pathway Courses (Introduction) on US Soccer Learning Site. You must upload the completion certificate into GotSport or a screenshot of the completed date from U.S. Soccer.

8.  ATTEND an in-person and virtual Pre-Season Coaches Meeting provided by EDHSC.  Required annually.  In-person training and equipment handout will be at CSD East.  Date to be determined.  Virtual Coach Meeting date to be determined as well. Contact your AGC if you have any questions.

Coaching Expectations

  • Complete volunteer coaching requirements listed above in a timely manner.
  • Lead team in two practices (60 mins) or one longer practice (90 mins) a week.  Practice schedule is typically Mon/Wed, Tues/Thurs, or Friday, between 4:30-7:30PM.
  • Practices start in early August and continue through October or early November.
  • Practice schedule priority is given to coaches who register and complete coaching requirements early before the season starts.
  • Coach the team during their games on Saturdays for approximately 10 weeks.  Less than 10 games may be played due to inclement weather or field conditions.
  • Ensure head coach or assistant coach is at each practice or game.
  • Coach time commitment is approximately two hours during the week for practices and about one to two hours on the weekend for games.
  • Clear and frequent communication with parents about expectations, goals, and program basics such as schedules are key to a successful soccer season.  Keep the lines of communication open!
  • Coaches can have basic knowledge of (or the ability to learn) the sport of soccer, knowledge of acceptable youth coaching practices, and a desire to help develop skills, sportsmanship, and self-esteem.  Our club provides soccer training through online and in-person trainings.  New coaches are welcomed and will be provided resources to help them succeed.
  • Coaches should strive to create a player-centered environment where all players feel welcome, included, and respected, allowing them to have fun while learning the technical skills of soccer.
  • To prioritize long-term athletic development over short-term outcomes such as winning.
  • To provide a fun and enjoyable learning experience for players and parents!

Coaching Benefits

  • Head Coaches are given up to $100 in EDHSC Credit that can be used to lower the following year’s registration cost for their child, pay for EDHSC Camps & Clinics, or purchase coach merchandise such as club coach shirt or hat.  Credit is assigned only to coaches who complete coaching requirements in a timely manner, and is subject to a sliding scale based on when all requirements are completed.
  • Assistant Coaches are given up to $50 in EDHSC Credit that can be used like the Head Coach credit described above and is subject to the same conditions.
  • Club provides training focused on player centered soccer environment and positive coaching techniques. 
  • Director of Coaching, Adam Moffat, and staff provide in-person coach training, coach resources such as practice session plans and videos demonstrating effective game-like activities for player development.
  • Head coaches are loaned a set of portable soccer goals, pinnies, and cones for practices.