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Recreational Soccer Program

Program Overview

El Dorado Hills Soccer Club is a community-based organization in which its members, including players, parents, families, coaches, teams and the local community, collectively provide an enriching environment that enables growth, development, teamwork, success and positive values while creating life-long experiences for our soccer community.

The Recreational Program is seasonal, focused on providing a fun and engaging experience for the youth within our community, spanning  from 4 years of age to 18. Our hope is to develop players skill, build friendships, and cultivate a passion for the game of soccer.

  • Normal Registration Period: April 1 - May 15.  A $50 late fee applies during the late period.
  • Late Registration Period: May 16 - May 31. 

The 2019 registration page is available here.  If you have questions about registration for the recreational soccer program, please contact Kate Oliver at

Quick Facts

  • Ages U5-U19
  • Season is early August to early/mid-November
  • Program Costs $150 - $170
  • Parent Coached Teams (volunteer)


  • Start in the beginning of August
  • Occur twice per week
  • Last for one hour


  • Start at the end of August
  • Occur every Saturday
  • Last 40 - 90 minutes (varies by age)
  • Approx 10 games per season

Clinics / Camps

  • Organized and run by Joe Champion and staff
  • Offered throughout the year (at additional cost)
  • See Camps/Clinics web page for current offerings

For any general Recreational Program related questions, please contact:

U12 and above - Trevor Holton at
U10 and below - Phil Kostrowicki at

Looking for Additional Training Opportunities?

We have several post-season opportunities available for our players:

Our competitive program is growing!  Tryouts for our competitive teams will be May 4-6th, 2020.  If you're making the transition from our Rec Program, we'd love to see you before tryouts.  We plan to have a club Town Hall meeting in January and a Town Hall meeting in April focused on our Competitive Program.

Or you can reach out to our Director of Coaching (Joe Champion) with any questions on how to get engaged before tryouts.

Age Group Coordinators (AGC)

Age Group Coordinators for the Recreational Program can be contacted for questions pertaining to your child's birth year during the months of June though November at the email addresses listed below! For questions throughout the entire year, you can contact one of our Board Members, as listed on the Club Overview page.

Age Group Coordinator Name Coordinator Email
U5 All (2015) Risha Shankar
U6 Boys (2014) Elisa Smith
U6 Girls (2014) Mike DiCarlo
U7 Boys (2013) Heidi Oriol
U7 Girls (2013) Kacey Guinn
U8 Boys (2012) Ken Glowacki
U8 Girls (2012) Mike Casey
U10 Boys (2010/11) Lindsay Ray
U10 Girls (2010/11) Philip Kostrowicki
U12 Boys (2008/09) Janine Carnaroli
U12 Girls (2008/09) Rebecca Gebo
U14 Boys (2006/07) David Buckmaster
U14 Girls (2006/07) Chris Morgan
U16+ All Chris Morgan


2019 Age Matrix

To determine the Age Group in which your child will play, please reference the  birth year age matrix posted below. Please note that the Age Group varies depending upon whether your child is playing within our Competitive Program or our Recreational Program.

For the U5 age group, players must turn four on or before August 31 to be eligible to register for the season.

Birth Year Competitive Recreational # of Players
2015   U5 4v4
2014   U6 4v4
2013   U7 4v4
2012 U8 U8 4v4
2011 U9 U10 7v7
2010 U10 U10 7v7
2009 U11 U12 9v9
2008 U12 U12 9v9
2007 U13 U14 11v11
2006 U14 U14 11v11
2005 U15 U16 11v11
2004 U16 U16 11v11
2003 U17 U19 11v11
2002 U18 U19 11v11
2001 U19 U19 11v11