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Club Overview

Vision Statement

El Dorado Hills Soccer Club is a community-based organization in which its members, including players, parents, families, coaches, teams and the local community, collectively provide an enriching environment that enables growth, development, teamwork, success and positive values while creating life-long experiences for our soccer community.

One Team - One Community - Stronger Together

Mission Statement

EDHSC as Community – Our soccer club represents all teams, players, coaches and parents with fairness and equality in providing the best possible experience for all members of our local community.  We see our role in the community as a key ingredient for our club’s success.  We believe the club should positively represent and reflect the community in which we all reside.

EDHSC as Players – Our club is accessible to virtually all players and their families, regardless of circumstance.  We provide opportunities at various skill levels and offer developmental opportunities for elevated competition for every level desired.  Players will be provided the chance to train and play soccer in an organized and experience-oriented program geared towards individual growth through team play.

EDHSC as Coaches – Our goal is to make the finest resources available to all levels of our soccer programs.  We will develop and support our parent and professional coaches to provide the best possible experiences for our players, parents and teams.  We’ll work to achieve this by developing educationally meaningful programs for our Coaches who will then provide the same experiences for our players.

EDHSC as Parents - Our club supports and respects parental participation and views this as a core strength of the club.  We believe that our parents are the foundation for the club’s success.  We will ensure that they have a voice and the ability to contribute to the club’s continued success.

Code of Conduct

All members of the El Dorado Hills Soccer Club, coaches, parents & players, are encouraged to review our Code of Conduct policy.  El Dorado Hills Soccer Club strongly believes in sportsmanship, fair play, and a respect for the game.

Code of Conduct

Sponsorship Opportunities

Show your support for the club and reach a local audience of more than 20,000 by choosing one of our sponsorship packages for the 2018-2019 season.  For more information, download the EDHSC Sponsorship Guide or send an email to