Shooting & Finishing Clinics (Comp Only)

These clinics are aimed at our Comp players looking to supplement their practice schedule with some additional, individualized technical reps. 

The clinics will cover a range of shooting and finishing techniques, and topics will include:

  • Shooting for power
  • Finishing with precision
  • Shooting on the run
  • Turning/Adjusting to score
  • First-time finishing

Sessions will be designed to be as representative and context-specific as possible, with the intention to recreate ‘game-like’ and realistic situations.

Players will look to score from a variety of distances and angles, as well as within a variety of different game scenarios. For example:

  • Breakaways to goal (1v1 with the GK)
  • Attacking combination play
  • Scoring from wide (crossing & finishing)
  • ‘Fox in the Box’: Quick reactions & sharp shooting

Sessions will be led by Pro Trainers Joe Champion & Matthew Jones.

Session aims:

  1. Maximize fun and engagement (An additional fun and interactive outlet for our players)

  2. Large number of repetitions (Lots of goal-attempts and (hopefully) goal-scoring!!)

  3. Design in movement variability (Players learning to adjust and adapt ‘live’ and in the moment.)

Block 3

Fridays,  November 6 & 20, December 4 & 11

4:00pm-5:00pm  2013-2011 Boys/Girls

5:15pm-6:15pm  2010-2008 Boys/Girls

Location: Promontory

Cost: $65