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Program Directors


We're excited to announce two changes to our competitive program Technical Staff for the 2021 seasons!  In addition to our existing Director of Coaching (Joe Champion), the club has promoted Glenn Shepherd and Matt Jones to new roles.

Joe Champion


Joe's responsibilities continue to cover both our Rec and Comp Programs, but has a renewed focus on improving and expanding our Rec Program opportunities in 2021. Key tasks this year include vetting new program options, overseeing coach selection, education and support. He'll work closely with our new technical director to build the developmental philosophy that can be embedded in both our Recreational and Competitive programs.

Glenn Shepherd


In addition to his role as a pro coach and pro trainer, Glenn Shepherd will now act as the club's Technical Director and U8-U12 Director.  In this role, Glenn will begin charting a new course to develop elite athletes in our club.  His primary tasks include developing a new technical, tactical and sport science best practices resource library for use by all comp coaches, nutritional guidelines, talent identification opportunities, player based video analysis and overall building a stronger player development pathway for players looking to reach higher levels.

Glenn's catalogue of sporting experiences has seen him take up roles at Chelsea Football Club and as a Consultant for the Premier League's International Youth Tournaments. This involved him working closely with the Coaching staff to help deliver quality sport science and performance feedback to the players performing at the highest level, both nationally and internationally for their Club and Country respectively. 

We are excited to bring Glenn into this new role, as it will allow his knowledge of the game and previous work experiences to support and help shape our Club vision, building a stronger soccer foundation for the future.

Matt Jones


Similarly, in addition to his role as a pro coach and pro trainer, Matt Jones will now act as the U13-U19 Director and Parent Ambassador.  In this role, Matt will support Glenn and Joe in the development of comp coaches and player development, but will also have a heavy focus on building a new Parent Ambassador program that will aid as a resource for parents as they navigate the later stages of the players journey.

Matt brings his own personal experience to our club - coming up through the Watford FC Youth Academy and playing over 400 matches at various clubs professionally in England.  After making his professional debut at the age of 17 and having a 10 year career as a professional player, he understands what's required for high level competitive playing which gives him a unique perspective of the game from both a coaching and playing perspective.