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Clinics & Camps

EDHSC offers a range of supplemental training events throughout the calendar year.  These clinics & camps are for both Recreational and Competitive players looking for additional practice opportunities.  All these events are run by our EDHSC Professional trainers with the aim of creating fun soccer environments for our players!

For Rec Camp/Clinic questions related to event format, content and approach, please contact Joe Champion at

For Comp Camp questions related to event format, content and approach, please contact Matt Jones at


This is a single-day camp that targets the most enjoyable aspects of the soccer experience and as much ‘play’ as possible. Activities will include tag & invasion games, small-sided games, shooting, and scrimmage games!

The aim is to create as fun an environment as possible in order to maximize player engagement throughout.

This is open to ANY of our 2014-2006 birth year Recreational players looking to engage in some fun soccer activity whilst they are out of school!!

  • Location:  Promontory

  • Time:  9:00AM-12:00PM

  • Age Groups: 2014-2006

  • Cost: $45


This single day camp is set up, so the players get to work on their finishing & shooting. There will be a variety of different finishing stations where players will be challenged by different scenarios ALL going to goal. ATTENTION ALL GOAL KEEPERS! This will be a great opportunity for you to work on your shot stopping. Players should bring a soccer ball, be wearing shin guards while participating, lunch snack, and lots of water.

  • Location:  Promontory

  • Time:  8:30AM-11:30AM

  • Age Groups: 2013-2009

  • Cost: $60